Is vista worth having or should i downgrade to XP?

Answer McAfee is crud. You very well could have a virus.1. Remove McAfee and get Avast! 4 Home2. Disable Windows Firewall and get ZoneAlarm Free.3. If you still have issues, I would recommend getting XP. ... Read More »

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How do I downgrade to Windows XP from Vista?

Boot From the Windows XP CDInsert the Windows XP installation CD while booted into Windows Vista. Restart your computer, and press any key when prompted to boot the computer from the installation C... Read More »

How to Downgrade Windows Vista 64-Bit to 32-Bit OEM?

Windows Vista was released in late 2007 and came in 64-bit and 32-bit versions. Unfortunately, not all 32-bit programs will run on 64-bit versions, so many users have decided to downgrade from 64-b... Read More »

How do i downgrade to windows xp from vista premium?

Install Windows XPInsert a Windows XP installation CD into the disc drive of your computer. Restart the computer and if necessary enter the BIOS by pressing "Del" (this may differ depending on the ... Read More »

How to Repair an NTFS Meta File in an XP and Vista Chkdsk Downgrade?

The NTFS (New Technology File System) is the preferred drive file system for both the XP and Vista operating systems. Repairing your NTFS file system through the "Chkdsk" utility is required occasi... Read More »