Is vista immune from viruses?

Answer With users that don't practice safe computing: No

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What makes a Mac so immune to viruses?

Two things make it so immune to viruses.1) The operating system is written in a language that is not as common as the language used to write Windows.Less people have the ability to write in this la... Read More »

Why aren't we immune to the common cold/flu viruses?

Being immune to an infectious disease means that your immune system recognises the pathogen (illness-causing microbe) that causes the disease, and manufactures antibodies to destroy it before yuo c... Read More »

I have been told to stay away from vista, so from what you know, which is better, vista or xp?

Don't be scared of Vista or the scaremongering put out about Vista - they said the same thing about going from Win 98 to XP.Vista is fine - although I would say - don't upgrade over XP - do a clean... Read More »

Once you catch the flu are you immune from it?

You are only immune to the particular strain you caught. You are not immune to mutations and/or other strains. The flu vaccine is remade each year based on the strains the WHO thinks are the most l... Read More »