Is vista better than xp?

Answer Yes, Vista is much more involved then XP. People may hate it at the beginning for it's extreme amount of security to protect yourself from yourself, but after a while you will get used to it and yo... Read More »

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Is it better than Vista?

if you mean the g4's operating system osx then yes. vista is a major memory hog meant for higher end systems and gaming rigs. however i still feel xp is superior to osx. 150 for a g4 is a pretty g... Read More »

Is a Mac computer better than Windows vista?

Yes, but Ubuntu Linux is better than both!

Why do people say Vista sucks, and Windows is better than Macs?

Well, I run Vista Ultimate 32Bit and dual boot it with XP as well. Honestly, I haven't touched XP in months. Vista works great. The problem is that the only ones who seem to post about Vista are... Read More »

Is windows vista really better than windows xp?

It will be, eventually. It will be much better once the first or second service pack become available from Microsoft. I asked my IT guy at work the same question, and his response was this: If y... Read More »