Is viruse can connect from my laptop to my computer with wifi .becase i have loocked my computer FBI security?

Answer…Hopefully that'll help you.

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"How do I connect my WIFI computer to my WIFI Printer without a disk drive"?

go on to the epson website and download the driver from there or copy the disk on to a USB stick on another computer.

My computer won't connect to wifi?

There are a number of things that could be the problem, but it most sounds like you aren't getting a good signal. Is it a laptop w/built-in wi-fi, or a desktop w/an add-in wi-fi adapter card (or US... Read More »

Is it possible too connect a computer without wifi too one with wifi too get wifi?

my answer is yes here is how I will have to assume a few things since you question is a bit vague ( aka you don't say the comp's you are using for this are 2 laptops, 1 desktop- 1 laptop or 1 de... Read More »

My new computer wont connect to any wifi please help?

try checking to see if your button for wifi on the laptop was pressed on accident (should glow blue when on correctly, red when off)also, tell me more, i need more information, to give a better fix