Is vegetable oil hydrogenated?

Answer Vegetable oil in its original liquid form is not hydrogenated. The hydrogenation process is used to help convert vegetable oil into solid form, such as that found in margarine. According to Elmhurs... Read More »

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How is vegetable oil hydrogenated?

The process of hydrogenation makes vegetable oils solid, shelf stable and flavorless. Food manufacturers use hydrogenated oils to create foods that can keep for long periods at room temperature wit... Read More »

Is hydrogenated vegetable oil bad for you?

On One Hand: Frequent Use Is Considered UnhealthyThe use of even two grams of hydrogenated vegetable oil increases the chance of heart disease by 23 percent, according to Danish cardiologist, Steen... Read More »

What is hydrogenated vegetable shortening?

Hydrogenated vegetable shortening is a vegetable oil that has been converted to a solid by the industrial process of hydrogenation. It is often referred to simply as vegetable shortening.Types of O... Read More »

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil & Peanut Allergy?

According to an International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) article in Lancet, large epidemiologic studies in children suggest that trans fatty acid in the diet increases the r... Read More »