Is Microwave Popcorn a good vegetable?

Answer Strewwth! What fancy horse's douvres you serve! When Aunty Beryl comes around, my Gracey makes little boys with tomato sauce. You know cocktail frankfurts! Aunty Gracey loves those lil boys dipped... Read More »

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Is vegetable oil good for your hair?

hi there vegetable oil should not be used in ur hair! in case i have written oils that can be good for your hair i hope i helped!!There are two types of oils that can be beneficial for your hair. T... Read More »

How to make a good vegetable soup?

Dice an onion, saute it in oil or butter in your pot until is is clear. Add whatever vegetables you want, chopped or diced until the pot is around half full. ~~Just cover the veggies with water, ... Read More »

What is a good fall vegetable to plant?

Planting vegetables in your garden is a great way to save money and spend more time outdoors. Watching your vegetables grow throughout the spring and summer will be exciting and will lead to a grea... Read More »

How long are vegetable seeds good to plant?

Most vegetable seeds last for one year without decreased germination rates. When properly dried and stored, some seeds can be stored for up to five years with slightly reduced germination rates. Ch... Read More »