Is vegetable oil a fuel alternative?

Answer On One Hand: My Car Smells Like French FriesForget biodiesel. With a little work, your diesel car or truck can be converted to run on straight vegetable oil. Restaurants and snack food manufacture... Read More »

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Which alternative fuel vehicle do you like the most and why?

----------Electric. And I will make a case below for why this is the closest to reality, best for the environment, and the most affordable technology.*First of all, electric cars are available RIGH... Read More »

Uses for Diesel Fuel Alternative?

In modern times, the latest buzzword in energy conservation is "biodiesel." Many do not understand that biodiesel is composed of fatty esters. Being a fatty ester, it has diverse uses outside of ju... Read More »

How to Buy an Alternative Fuel Vehicle?

An alternative fuel vehicle is a vehicle that is fueled by something other than gasoline (petrol) or petroleum-based diesel. Such vehicles may be fueled by ethanol, methanol, liquefied petroleum ga... Read More »

Is vegetable oil a renewable fuel?

Yes, even though vegetable oil is great for cooking, it is also a renewable fuel. A renewable fuel is fuel that is made from resources that are renewable and sustainable.Source:Ecomii: Pros and Con... Read More »