Is vegetable oil a fuel alternative?

Answer On One Hand: My Car Smells Like French FriesForget biodiesel. With a little work, your diesel car or truck can be converted to run on straight vegetable oil. Restaurants and snack food manufacture... Read More »

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How to Buy an Alternative Fuel Vehicle?

An alternative fuel vehicle is a vehicle that is fueled by something other than gasoline (petrol) or petroleum-based diesel. Such vehicles may be fueled by ethanol, methanol, liquefied petroleum ga... Read More »

Is vegetable oil a renewable fuel?

Yes, even though vegetable oil is great for cooking, it is also a renewable fuel. A renewable fuel is fuel that is made from resources that are renewable and sustainable.Source:Ecomii: Pros and Con... Read More »

School Projects on Alternative Fuel?

Science projects are one way of engaging students and allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge of different aspects of science. Science projects involving alternative fuels are particularly use... Read More »

Uses for Diesel Fuel Alternative?

In modern times, the latest buzzword in energy conservation is "biodiesel." Many do not understand that biodiesel is composed of fatty esters. Being a fatty ester, it has diverse uses outside of ju... Read More »