Is vegan macaroni healthy to eat EVERY DAY?

Answer Doesn't sound bad for you but you also want to add some variety to your diet, so you can get different vitamins. Maybe try adding different kinds of veggies to it? I like broccoli in mine : )

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How to Make Vegan Macaroni and Cheese?

This macaroni and cheese recipe works around the vegan dairy restriction by using creamy vegan margarine and fresh, zesty vegetables. Use this recipe to create a delicious, tangy, vegan-friendly ma... Read More »

Are there healthy vegan egg substitutes?

Well, for baking. You can also use bananas, silken tofu, flax meal, or applesauce as egg replacers.As far as tofu scramble goes, I would give it another shot, I've turned some carnivores with mine.... Read More »

Is eating vegan healthy?

On One Hand: Veganism Can Be HealthyIt is possible to eat a vegan diet--one in which no animals products are consumed--that is both healthy and satisfying to the tastes. A vegan diet is naturally f... Read More »

Is a vegan diet truly healthy?

You spelt dietician wrong. Go get an education for real please.