Is vaseline a lubricant?

Answer No

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Can you get pregnant if you use vaseline as a lubricant?

Since Vaseline is not a spermicidal, the answer would be yes.

What Is Lubricant Oil?

A lubricant is a substance that reduces friction between moving parts, protecting the surfaces against wear. Most lubricants are composed of oil and additives and have multiple uses in our everyday... Read More »

Can you use rapeseed oil as a lubricant?

You can use rapeseed oil as a lubricant for sheet metal production, for machines operating at high temperatures and mud drillers. Rapeseed oil does not oxidize easily and you can modify its free fa... Read More »

What can a 13 year old use for lubricant?

At the age of 13, you are still considered a minor, therefore it would be best to ask your parents or a medical adviser/teacher at school. This would enable you to get an informed opinion without c... Read More »