Is varicella contagious after the vaccine?

Answer The varicella vaccine helps protect against the common childhood illness chicken pox, caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV). In most cases, it is not possible for people to spread VZV after be... Read More »

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What is the varicella vaccine?

The varicella-zoster virus is one of the human herpes viruses; when a person first contracts the virus, infection leads to chicken pox. The varicella vaccine can help lower the risks of contracting... Read More »

Can someone be contagious after getting the H1N1 09 vaccine?

Only sort of, and only maybe in very specific circumstances. Usually, being "contagious" means you have the disease or infection and can give it to someone else. That won't happen when someone gets... Read More »

Are you contagious after you receive the MMR vaccine?

A vaccine STOPS you catching diseases and therefore being contagious. There is nothing in you that other people can catch!

If a person dies of a contagious disease is corpse contagious?

Bud, the answer is sometimes yes. It depends both on the nature of of the contagious bug and the amount of time and how much drying has occurred. All contagious organisms begin to die when the in... Read More »