Is varenicline tartrate dangerous?

Answer On One Hand: Harmful Side EffectsVarenicline tartrate is a prescription aid for smokers trying to quit the habit. Pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer Inc. sells the drug under the brand name Chantix... Read More »

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What is the price of Varenicline?

Varenicline, or Chantix, is available in 30-day starter packages from a major pharmacy online for $148.50. A 30-day refill supply costs $143.73. Quantity discounts are available. Chantix is covered... Read More »

How to Stop Smoking With Non Nicotine Varenicline?

Stop smoking with non-nicotine varenicline, which works with receptors in brain that quell urge to smoke

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How dangerous is dry ice?

On One Hand: Dry Ice is DangerousDry ice can be very dangerous when handled without care. If your skin comes into contact with dry ice, you will get a dry ice burn, which is caused by over freezing... Read More »