What's the difference between vanilla, french vanilla, and vanilla bean?

Answer French Vanilla ice cream has more egg and generally a higher butter fat content (which makes it richer and creamier) than regular vanilla ice cream.Vanilla Bean ice cream has bits of vanilla bean a... Read More »

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How is vanilla extract made?

Vanilla extract is a very potent product that can be used to impart the vanilla flavor without the expense of buying fresh pods. A few drops can be enough to add strong flavor to a dish.PodsYou nee... Read More »

Is vanilla extract made with distilled alcohol?

Vanilla extract is not made with distilled alcohol. Instead, pure vanilla extract is made with 35 percent ethyl alcohol, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It also contains vanilla... Read More »

Who made the first pepsi?

It was first introduced as "Brad's Drink"in North Carolina in 1898 by Caleb Bradham, who made it at his pharmacy where the drink was sold. It was later named Pepsi Cola, possibly due to the digesti... Read More »

Is pepsi made with cane sugar?

Regular Pepsi is made with high fructose corn syrup. On occasion, however, Pepsi rolls out its Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback drinks, which not only use real cane sugar, but also featur... Read More »