What plant does vanilla come from?

Answer Vanilla is a type of orchid native to Mexico. According to Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, "Vanilla is the only fruit-bearing member of the orchid family." It is used as a food flavoring and essence.Sourc... Read More »

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What plant does vanilla grow on?

It comes from a climbing orchid, a tropical species -- scientific name Vanilla planifolia, but generally known as West Indian Vanilla. The bit that gives the flavouring is actually the seeds, thoug... Read More »

What part of the plant does vanilla come from?

A vanilla bean is the dried fruit or seed pod of a family of orchid vines native to Central America. If you cut open the bean you will find dozens of tiny seeds, which can be scraped out and used t... Read More »

Which plant family do vanilla pods come from?

Vanilla pods, although often incorrectly referred to as beans, are actually the ripe fruit of the Vanilla planifolia, which is part of the Orchidaceae (orchid) family. The botanical name is Vanilla... Read More »

What Type of Plant Produces Vanilla?

Vanilla extract is made from the capsular fruits of the vanilla plant. These fruits, called vanilla beans or vanilla pods, are 6 inches long and contain the seeds used to produce vanilla extract. ... Read More »