Is vanadium radioactive?

Answer Vanadium, a transitional metal, does not emit radiation in its basic form, according to Chemistry Explained. However, it has one natural, radioactive isotope (which occurs when an element gains neu... Read More »

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Is vanadium a metal?

Vanadium (periodic symbol V) is considered a transition metal, or transition element. This means that it has an incomplete d-level subshell in its electron orbit, allowing it to pick up extra elect... Read More »

Is vanadium reactive?

Vanadium has a medium level of reactivity, according to Chemistry Explained. Vanadium reacts most with hot acids, such as sulfuric acid, but unlike most other metals, it does not react with atmosph... Read More »

Is vanadium malleable?

Vanadium, represented by the symbol V, is a silvery white metal belonging to the transition metals group in the periodic table of elements. Soft and malleable, this metal is combined with other met... Read More »

Is vanadium flammable?

Vanadium metal powder and some vanadium alloys are combustible and can explode, according to the World Health Organization. Solid forms of the metal, which has a melting point of 3,456 degrees Fahr... Read More »