Is valium similar to valerian?

Answer On One Hand: Sedative PropertiesBoth valerian (a plant whose powdered root is often sold in capsule form) and Valium (a prescription medication from Roche Pharmaceuticals) have their own sedative a... Read More »

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Is valerian root used to make valium?

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is an herb that has a sedative effect on the body. Valium is not created from the valerian root but is a man-made chemical version of valerian root. Valium is more ... Read More »

Valium/Diazepam question. I relapsed on Wednesday and 60mg of Valium.?

First off I would like to complement you on the hard work and progress you've made prior to this incident. From what it sounds like, other then this relapse, you have been heading in the right dire... Read More »

Is it bad to take two pills of valium of 5mg?

10mg is not an uncommon dose. But if you are prescribed 5mg, you should check with your doctor about making a change.

Can Valium irritate bipolar?

On One Hand: Side EffectsValium is a benzodiazepine type of drug, the generic name of which is diazepam. Valium and other benzodiazepines are prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorders, seiz... Read More »