Is vaginal discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Answer AnswerNo you should have it checked out by your doctor vaginal discharge it a way that the vagina cleans itself from your previous periodActually, Vaginal discharge may be a sign of pregnancy. Ear... Read More »

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Can vaginal discharge be a sign of pregnancy?

On One Hand: Vaginal Discharge is Normal During PregnancyHormonal changes that normally occur during pregnancy can increase the production of vaginal mucus. As a pregnancy progresses, vaginal disch... Read More »

Is vaginal discharge an early sign of pregnancy?

Answer implantation bleeding is bright red usually and lasts 1-2 hours and saoks less than 1 pad good luck

Is excessive vaginal discharge an early sign of pregnancy?

AnswerYes, an increase in vaginal discharge in early pregnancy it attributed to the formation of the mucus plug. Increased vaginal discharge could also mean a yeast infection too - don't be alarme... Read More »

Is milky white vaginal discharge a early sign of pregnancy?