Is using the dishwasher better than handwashing?

Answer Depends The restaurant he works at, Usually They Get paid $280.00 to $320.00 per week ( 6 days ) .

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Why is it better to use a dishwasher than wash dishes by hand?

Actually the heat applied to dishes sanitizes killing gerns and food poisioning bacteria. Actually hand wash never sanitizes plates like Hot hot extreemly hot water does. Thats how you prevent des... Read More »

Is using a stippling brush better than using a foundation brush?

When I use a foundation brush I always find that no matter what foundation I use whether it be cheap or expensive it always comes out streaky and gives me a really patchy uneven finish. However wit... Read More »

Would putting a 1 gig stick of DDR Ram in my computer be any better than using 2x 512 sticks of DDR Ram ?

hi mate in performance terms no,however i would allways go for the larger module were possible,this ensures you can add more memory to your motherboard,as using 2 x 512mb would use 1 more... Read More »

Does a VGA to HDMI converter give a better image than just using a VGA cable?

Not really, no. Don't bother with the converter.I still use a CRT screen on a seperate machine for particular work that I do, so there are pro's and cons to VGA. On balance, the pro's of digital ... Read More »