Is using an open network WiFi considered stealing or morally incorrect behavior?

Answer I get WAY more bandwidth than I could ever use, so I don't secure my connection, even though I do know how to secure it.If you wanna piggy back on my yourself.But if I find that ... Read More »

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What is the risk of connecting your android tablet to an open wifi network?

Maybe identity theft. Everything on an open network can and most likely will be seen by a third party (other people) so I sugest trying to set up a secured network.

How do i amplify an open WiFi network so that I can connect to it with my iPhone with a strong signal?

Unless you have access to the wireless router itself, there isn't much you can do other than move closer to the access point. The only possible solutions would be to ask the network admin to crank ... Read More »

My iphone 5 is not connecting to wifi(incorrect password)?

Wifi stealing?