Is it safe to drink your own urine?

Answer I always check the answers first, unlike faeces, urine is not only sterile but is mildly antiseptic, it was used in the trenches in WW1 to clean wounds when no clean water was available, it contain... Read More »

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I had a urine test done a month ago and the result was positive for alcohol in my urine.Trouble is dont drink?

I'm speculating here but it really depends on what tests were conducted and by whom.Even in a doctors office where they run their own tests which is unlikely, a receptionist wouldn't be able to fid... Read More »

I have heard it is beneficial to drink urine. Should this be one's own urine, or a friend's?

it's not dangerous but there is proof as to it's beneficial effect, I'd give it a miss.

Why would someone want to drink someone else's urine?

It's not true love until you drink a warm frothy glass of your partner's pee. Guess you don't know true love yet.

Okay to drink my own urine?