Is urine an antiseptic?

Answer Good grief, and you believed that "someone"? No, it is no such thing. It is a waste product, and though ordinarily sterile, it is not at all appropriate to put it on your body or to drink it. If... Read More »

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Is cinnamon an antiseptic?

Cinnamon does have antiseptic qualities that, according to the New York Times, could stand up to today's hand sanitizers. Cinnamon oil combined with a few other ingredients can be applied topically... Read More »

How to Put Antiseptic on a New Piercing?

It's important to take care of a new piercing. Keeping it from getting infected is one way to do that.

How Antiseptic Is Almond Oil?

Almond oil is a very popular vegetable oil used in moisturizers, creams, soaps, and herbal products. It is a popular ingredient in beauty products because the oil is a natural moisturizer, and can ... Read More »

How to Use Garlic as an Antiseptic?

According to "The Herbal Home Remedy Book," garlic's antibiotic properties can help a wide spectrum of illnesses, including colds, sore throats, strained muscles and earaches. Garlic cloves contain... Read More »