Is urban sprawl bad?

Answer On One Hand: Some Experts Say NoAccording to Dr. Samuel Staley, urban sprawl arises when families in densely populated settings achieve an income level great enough for them to choose a suburban li... Read More »

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Sprawl and Urban Growth?

Sprawl is the expansion of a metropolitan area into formerly rural areas. While urban population growth plays a part--more people take up more space--many different factors combine to cause sprawl.... Read More »

Who is responsible for urban sprawl?

On One Hand: Manufacturers Deserve Some BlameIndustrial manufacturers deserve some blame when it comes to pinpointing who is responsible for urban sprawl. Following World War II, U.S. automobile ma... Read More »

Positives of Urban Sprawl?

An urban sprawl is the outward spread of a city to take in more land that may be unoccupied or undeveloped and convert it into an "urbanized" landscape. This way, a city seems to grow outward, to m... Read More »

What is urban sprawl?

Urban sprawl is characterized by the overall growth and spread of a given community. There are both benefits and drawbacks to this process, depending upon what factors are most important residents.... Read More »