Is unlocking a phone illegal?

Answer On One Hand: Companies Have to Protect Their InvestmentsWhen you open accounts with most mobile service providers, they often give you between 50 percent and 100 percent off the price of your mobil... Read More »

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Is unlocking cell phones illegal?

In the U.S., unlocking cellphones, which allows you to use them on just about any mobile carrier, does not violate the law, according to CNet. You also can unlock phones for resale.References:CNet:... Read More »

Cell phone unlocking Jailbreaking and flashing?

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What does unlocking mean on a phone?

If you get a phone with a sim card , on contract or pay as you go the phone is linked to the phone company, e.g. vodaphoe, 3, O2 etc etc.To use another sim from another company your phone needs to ... Read More »

How Do I Enter an Unlocking Code on a T-Mobile Dash Phone?

T-Mobile is the exclusive dealer of the T-Mobile Dash, a smartphone device manufactured by HTC. T-Mobile locks the subscriber identity module (SIM) in the Dash to prevent you from inserting another... Read More »