Is underglow illegal in Wisconsin?

Answer Underglow lighting is not strictly forbidden in Wisconsin. However, only white or amber light is allowed to be visible from the front of the car, and only red is allowed to show from the back. Ligh... Read More »

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Are underglow lights illegal?

There isn't a federal law against having lights underneath your car. There are laws against so-called under-glow lights, be they neon or LED, in certain states and communities. You are especially a... Read More »

Is underglow illegal in Missouri?

Only some underglow is illegal on cars in Missouri. According to the March 2008 Missouri Law Review magazine, underglow is considered auxiliary lighting. Underglow that is white, yellow or amber is... Read More »

Is underglow illegal in Illinois?

Any lights not specifically exempted under Illinois Vehicle Code section 625 ILCS 5/12-212 are illegal in Illinois. Underglow lights are not exempted and are thereby illegal in the state of Illinoi... Read More »

Is underglow illegal in Alberta?

No specific restrictions prohibit underbody neon lights, known as "underglow," in the Vehicle Equipment Regulation portion of Alberta's Traffic Safety Act. However, local laws may vary within the p... Read More »