Is underage sex illegal?

Answer Yes, underage sex can be a crime. Depending on how the laws are written it can be anything from a misdemeanor to statutory rape. You need to look up the local laws for your state or country. In Ca... Read More »

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What makes underage pictures illegal?

"Underage pictures" are not illegal. You can take, view and share pictures of young people engaged in many, many activities.What is illegal is pictures of underage sexual activity. The reasons for ... Read More »

Is it illegal for an underage mother to live with her boyfriend?

It is not illegal to live with your boyfriend, but you would need your parents' permission and your boyfriend's parents. A minor can only choose where to live if they are legally emancipated.Also, ... Read More »

Can an underage illegal immigrant become legal by being adopted by a US citizen?

In the state of Illinois can an underage male be jailed for getting an underage girl pregnant?

Answer the only ways is if you are 18 and she is under 18. But if you are both under 18 then no.