Is type1 diabetes dangerous to a 5 year old boy?

Answer Hi,Is this a hypothetical question because you're worried or has he already been diagnosed? If you're worried you should always go and speak to your dr.If your son has been diagnosed try not to wor... Read More »

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I've just found out i'm pregnant, but the babys father has type1 diabetes,does this mean my baby will have it?

Not entirely, but just so you know, some women actually develope "temporary" diabetes while pregnant (I don't want you getting scared if it happens). Either way if the father has then the doctors ... Read More »

What is diabetes and how dangerous is it?

Diabetes is a “slow subtle killer” usually with initially little to no pain. From the onset it can oh-so-slowly rob you of your quality of life without much notice … at least at first … eve... Read More »

My Aunt has diabetes type 2, her blood sugar is always very low, isn't that dangerous?

Yes, a constantly low blood sugar can be dangerous. Although a stable low level is still better than rollercoaster values. Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia causes brain damage. Minor damage, but it ... Read More »

I need help on how to prevent myself from low blood suagrs (type1)?

Besides the obvious, keeping snacks and your glocometer, you could temporarily reduce your basal rate on your pump, you should have a function on your pump to do this. I know when I work out or do... Read More »