Is twitter better than facebook?

Answer I don't think you can message eachother on twitter

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Is twitter safer than facebook?

Yeah it's much safer!! But just in case, if she doesn't want anyone strange following her she could go on her Twitter and go to SETTING> ACCOUNT> Protect my updates (click it) and Vuela!! It's pri... Read More »

Which one is better Twitter or Facebook?

both facebook and twitter have some pros and cons so we can't say that which one is better... it depends on you requirement... Some pros and cons or twitter and facebook..are given belowTwitter Pro... Read More »

What's better for you "twitter" or "facebook" and why?

Well i love'em both but Twitter i think is for self possessed and self centered people who wants to let the world know every freaking thing they do (exceptions) also its good sometimes if u are obs... Read More »

Which one is better...Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook is better even though I have both and i prefer Facebook because you can message friends and you get a response 90% but Twitter you cant message you can just Tweet and there is a 50% chance... Read More »