Is twelve o'clock the curfew for a fourteen year old?

Answer Well I would think so, but if it's not then it should be. But that's just me...

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Is it illegal for a seventeen year old male to get a fourteen year old female pregnant in the state of Florida?

AnswerDear Reader; Yes it is illegal both to be sexualy involved and to cause pregnancy. Sexual involvement preceeds pregnancy so the charge would likely be only for the former. 3 years difference ... Read More »

Can a sixteen year old be arrested for getting a fourteen year old pregnant in Iowa?

Answer Iowa Statute says:c. The other person is fourteen or fifteen years of age and any of the following are true: (1) The person is a member of the same household as the other per... Read More »

How many years of prison would a fourteen year old get for rapping a two year old?

I really don't know but i hope they would serve their whole life in prison for doing some nasty thing like that, so they could feel what that 2 year older (baby) felt, NOT being able to defend thei... Read More »

Can an eighten year old guy go out with a fourteen year old girl?

There are no laws against it. However, if there was more than holding hands going on, there could be a number of sexual crimes he could be charged with. And there is only one reason an 18 year old ... Read More »