Is Tweety male or female?

Answer Tweety is a boy, according to Tweety is a small, yellow canary, present in many of the Looney Toons cartoons. He lives with an older lady named Granny, and frequently has run-ins with... Read More »

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Is big bird a male or female?

How do I determine if a bird is a male or female?

ColorExamine the coloring of the birds. In some bird species, such as mallard ducks and house finches, coloring between males and females differs. Typically the male is brighter in color than the f... Read More »

Is Big Bird from Sesame Street a male or female?

What is the difference between female&male bird reproductive systems?

Male and female birds have specialized reproductive tracts. The reproductive organs of each sex is inside the body. Both end in the cloaca or common opening to the outside of the body.The OvaryThe ... Read More »