Is treading water good exercise?

Answer Treading water is an excellent form of exercise. It works the upper and lower body. While treading, you can burn 800 calories or more--depending on your weight and how vigorously you tread--in an h... Read More »

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What does treading water mean?

Treading water is a safety skill for swimmers that keeps the body upright and the head above water. To tread water, kick your legs in a rotary motion, or do a scissors or frog kick, and make broad ... Read More »

When things go wrong as they sometimes will. When the road you are treading seems all uphill?

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How to Exercise in Water?

Water exercise is a fun and healthy way to get cardiovascular and strength-training exercise. The water's buoyancy and resistance allow you to exercise in a no-impact environment, putting less stre... Read More »

Water Exercise Training?

Exercising in water provides participants with the chance to escape hot weather, but also with an activity that to many feels more like fun than exercise. Water exercises are safe for people with w... Read More »