Is trashcan a compound word?

Answer Trashcan is a compound word. The term "compound word" describes any word formed by combining two individual words. Trashcan is a closed form compound word, since the individual words are melded tog... Read More »

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Is the word photograph a compound word?

Yes, it is.PHOTO and GRAPHtwo words put together to make one word.:)

Is headphone a compound word?

Yes, the best pink ones are Studio

Compound Word Games for First Grade?

Compound word games can be used to introduce or reinforce compound words. Students will enjoy playing the games and won't even realize that they are learning at the same time. Compound word games c... Read More »

Compound Word Learning Centers?

Compound words, or words made up of two or more little words, are an important step in the reading and comprehension process for early elementary school students. Learning centers, or times when st... Read More »