Is transperncy a potent weapon against corruption?

Answer No. Corruption is an unethical practice in society for undue favors by mutual understanding similar to any trade, for common benefit. Although some mutual agreements are overtly transparent ,the pr... Read More »

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Of these 3 final fantasy bosses who is the hardest omega weapon emerald weapon or ruby weapon?

Out of these three Ruby weapon is definitely the hardest. Emerald weapon is fairly difficult but is susceptible to the "Lucky Sevens" status which can take away about half of his HP right off the b... Read More »

What Final Fantasy boss is harder Omega Weapon or Emerald Weapon'?

Omega is probably harder. Emerald is a push over, takes about 10-15 minutes of cut scene KoTR, where as there is no super materia combos in FF8

Is Final Fantasy 8s Omega Weapon harder than Ruby Weapon?

It can be if you don't know what to do, omega is technically harder then ruby but for omega you can use all your party members against him while on ruby you only can use one unless you do the reviv... Read More »

Is the army M249 weapon a crew served weapon?

In some countries which field it, it's operated as a crew served weapon. However, in the US military, it is fielded as an individual weapon.