Is translating the wikipedia's subjects and publishing it in another site legally ?

Answer Yes, it's legally. Probablyly.

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How to Build a Drupal Site Without Publishing It?

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Which site could you download music legally and for free?

Hi there,There isn't anywhere you can download music for free...while it's more expensive to buy music from iTunes, than other services, it is convenient as your music is automatically added to you... Read More »

What is wikipedias problem?

Wikipedia has blacked out their website for the rest of the day, censored it, if you will. It's to protest against a bill that Congress is trying to pass in the U.S. right now called the Stop Onlin... Read More »

Do all the Wikipedias conform to UTC?

There are definitely a few that go by different times. For example, French Wikipedia and German Wikipedia, at least, use CET (Central European Time; UTC+1 [that's one hour ahead of UTC]). This make... Read More »