Is touching yourself bad?

Answer It's ok to do that! =) It's called masterbation and it's really common..a lot of people just don't talk about it. Just make sure before and after you touch yourself to wash your hands or use Purel.... Read More »

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Can you get herpes from someone touching a cold sore&then touching your stomach?

On One Hand: Herpes Is Highly InfectiousHerpes, the disease caused by Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2, is a highly contagious disease. A person is infected by the virus coming into contact with damage... Read More »

How to Take a Paperclip out of a Jar Without Touching It?

By doing this project, you can prove your teacher that you are a pretty smart student.

How to Get Something out of the Toilet Without Touching It?

Ever drop something in the toilet, such as a pencil sharpener, and think it would be too gross to take it out with your hands? Well here's a simple and easy way to get it out!

What's the most touching song to you?