Is tool steel stronger than stainless steel?

Answer Stainless steel is stronger than tool steel in terms of durability. Stainless steel is 13-percent chromium or higher, which resists rust at a much higher degree than tool steel. So on average, item... Read More »

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Is tungsten alloy stronger than tool steel?

Tungsten is an extremely hard and dense metal. Tungsten alloy is created when the metal is processed with carbon and cobalt at a high temperature in order to form the alloy tungsten carbide. This a... Read More »

Is satin nickel or stainless steel cabinet hardware a better match with todays brushed stainless steel appliances?

Answer Stainless steel cabinet hardware is definitely a better match than satin nickel for todays brushed stainless steel appliances. However, when it comes to stuff like (entry or closet) door ha... Read More »

Is there anyway to take scratches out of stainless steel I have a scratch on my stainless steel watch.?

From a materials science point-of-view, anything harder than steel can physically buff the scratches out, but most things would just introduce further scratching. I don't know if the watch is water... Read More »

Are steel cabinets stronger than wood?

As explained by, steel cabinets are extremely durable. Similar to steel tool boxes, your steel cabinets can typically endure a moderate amount of abuse without becoming damaged or ... Read More »