Is too much masturbation bad for your health?

Answer Masturbation is quite normal and can be a great stress reliever. I just wonder what's going on at school or home that makes you want to escape with masturbation. Maybe you need to get some things... Read More »

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Is masturbation good or bad for health?

Masturbation is a natural habit with Male teenagers. Female masturbation is called Fingering. First of all you should know that your private part is not made of metal and shall not be used roug... Read More »

Is masturbation bad or having sex more than twice a day is harm full for health ?

Extreme is always prohibited. It is most advisable that you may kindly restrain in these kind of activities and try to meditate in the morning to control your mind as well as your wishes which are... Read More »

Help On Masturbation please?

Porn is fantasy, you are perfectly capable of ejaculation with the foreskin down, it's natural and normal. When the penis enters the vagina, foreskin normally rolls back naturally inside anyway.

Masturbation What do I do?

Wow, not listen to the other three answers. They won't help. First- don't insert anything. If you are still a virgin its probably just going to be uncomfortable, counter productive, and you... Read More »