Is tomato soup an acid or a base?

Answer Basic tomato soup is an acid, not a base, since tomatoes are naturally acidic. However, if you add milk to tomato soup, you can balance out the acidity. Always thicken either the milk or the soup w... Read More »

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Is tomato juice an acid or a base?

Tomato juice has a pH of 4.2, and is therefore an acid. pH measures effective concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution, which determines whether a substance is an acid or a base. A pH lower tha... Read More »

When was tomato soup made by Campbell's Soup?

In 1897, Dr. John Thompson Dorrance, a chemist working at Campbell's, invented condensed tomato soup. More than 100 years later, it is a lunchtime icon and still one of Campbell's best-selling prod... Read More »

Can I substitute tomato soup for tomato sauce?

If a recipe calls for tomato sauce and you find yourself with only canned tomato soup in your cupboard, do not despair. One can of condensed tomato soup equals 1.2 cups of tomato sauce. If your rec... Read More »

How many calories are in a can of tomato soup?

While many brands of tomato soup exist, the two types that are best known are regular tomato soup and condensed tomato soup. One 10.75 oz. can of regular tomato soup has 249 calories, while its riv... Read More »