Is tobacco good or bad?

Answer Like i already said new people always ask dumb questions he just joined today!!! BAD DUH!! WTF how come everyone is getting thumbs down it really is bad! u guys are all Idiots!!Unless it is nasty w... Read More »

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Is tobacco good for you since its natural?

Nature posesses all things. What are good and which are bad are decided on average study. It has been proved that tobacco smoking is injurious to health. Natural medicines are always good but tobac... Read More »

What are some good hookah tobacco combinations to try?

Does anyone know a good way to quit smoking tobacco?

This is a tough one my friend. I’d like to say that it’s easy and all that good stuff, but as I’m sure your aware, it’s not. I have just recently quit smoking and using smokeless tobacco si... Read More »

What kinds of tobacco will smoke good in a vaporizer?

What does this have to do with consumer electronics?