Is tithing unscriptural?

Answer On One Hand: Tithing RequirementsTithing, giving 10 percent of one's income to the Lord, is required in the Old Testament, but the requirement is not reinforced anywhere directly in the New Testame... Read More »

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Is tithing right?

On One Hand: Yes, it is RightTithing, in which Christian individuals donate 10 percent or so of their income to their church, is a religious practice that goes back centuries. Christian leaders cit... Read More »

Is tithing necessary?

On One Hand: In The Old Testament, YesAccording to Grace Communion International, the Old Testament required Christians to tithe 10 percent. In Genesis, for example, Abraham gave a Godly priest, Me... Read More »

How to Look Up How Much Tithing I Paid?

Tithing is the voluntary giving of a portion of your income to the church for the use of the church. Tithing is expected to be approximately ten percent of your income. The funds are used to pay fo... Read More »

Does tithing have to be 10 percent?

On One Hand: Required TitheIn the Old Testament, the law required people to give one-tenth of their resources to the Lord (Lev. 27:30). The Hebrew word for "ten" is from the same root as the Hebrew... Read More »