Is tithing scriptual?

Answer On One Hand: Many Scriptures on TithingThere are literally dozens of scriptures in the Old Testament about tithing. Tithing literally means "tenth," which was required from God's followers in the H... Read More »

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Mormons & Tithing?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is also known as the Mormon Church because they believe in the Book of Mormon as Scripture. This church follows many scriptural commandments, among t... Read More »

Is tithing biblical?

On One Hand: Biblical Examples of TithingThere are several references to tithing in the Old Testament. In Genesis 14:18-20, Abraham established a covenant with God by tithing to the priest Melchize... Read More »

Is tithing required?

On One Hand: Tithing Is not RequiredChurches do not require members to tithe; in fact, most people don't. The Bible does not specifically require an amount to be given either. There are some gift r... Read More »

Is tithing tax deductible?

On One Hand: Charitable ContributionsThe Internal Revenue Service allows you to deduct money that you have donated to charitable organizations. Most religious organizations qualify as charitable or... Read More »