Is titanium cookware safe?

Answer On One Hand: Safety of Titanium CookwareTitanium metal has been proved safe for humans. Because of the non-toxic qualities of titanium, it is used for many medical implants such as joint replacemen... Read More »

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Is titanium cookware healthy to use?

On One Hand: Non-porous Means Non-stickTitanium cookware is non-porous, making it non-stick. Non-stick cookware inhibits contaminants and prevents the need to add fat during cooking. Since titanium... Read More »

Can anyone help me contact haudguss titanium cookware manufacturers in Germany. address, phone, email.?

Neustädtische Kirchstr. 4-510117 BerlinFederal Republic of Germany

Are titanium necklaces safe for kids?

On One Hand: Titanium Necklace BenefitsAccording to the New York Times, Major League Baseball players have been repeatedly seen wearing purportedly circulation-enhancing, muscle stress-reducing nec... Read More »

Is microwave cookware safe?

Cookware designated as microwave-safe is designed to be safely used for cooking in a microwave. Instead of absorbing the microwave energy, it is neutral and allows only the food to absorb the energ... Read More »