Is timber a type of tree?

Answer timber is not a type of is a reference to trees before they are cut for lumber

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Tree Types for Tall Timber?

Maybe there's room for a thick woodlot-like border or grove at the back of your property, or you're thinking of adding windbreaks with longer-term as well as short-term practical value. Or perhaps ... Read More »

What type of tree is the maple?

As far as I know is a maple tree one of the Acer family, The maple leaf is the leaf of the Canadian Ahorn or Esdoorn

What type of tree do silkworms eat?

The silkworm larva lives on a diet of the leaves from mulberry trees. These domesticated insects spin silk cocoons for their metamorphosis into adult moths. The cocoons are the source of silk prize... Read More »

What's your favorite type of tree?

I guess it would be better to ask for what purpose. I love all trees, and all serve a purpose. I suppose first and foremost fruiting trees, because there's nothing better then growing and harve... Read More »