Is thymol safe for children?

Answer On One Hand: Thymol Is Used in MouthwashesThymol is used as an active ingredient in antiseptic mouthwashes and has been used medicinally---according to Natural Standard---for thousands of years for... Read More »

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Is thymol toxic?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration generally regards thymol as safe for human contact and minimally toxic. In fact, the thyme herb is considered to be part of a normal human diet and is a common... Read More »

What is thymol blue?

The amount of acid or alkali may need to be determined in a solution or substance. This is known as the pH level. A pH indicator, also known as an acid-base indicator, is used to visually determine... Read More »

What Is the Structure of Thymol?

Thymol is a plant oil found in thyme and oregano. Used in some dental products and anesthetic preparations, it has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and is also an insecticide.

What is the chemical formula for thymol?

The chemical formula for thymol is C10H14O. This means that each molecule of the substance contains 10 carbon atoms, 14 hydrogen atoms and one atom of oxygen. Thymol is used as a disinfectant and... Read More »