Is thyme oil toxic?

Answer Thyme oil is extremely potent, and the Physicians' Desktop Reference website suggests that the oil only be used externally. Taking thyme oil orally can cause severe complications like convulsions a... Read More »

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What Is Thyme Oil Used For?

Although thyme is best known as a culinary herb, the oil distilled from the leaves and flowering tops of the native Mediterranean plant performs many aromatic and medicinal functions. Sixty varieti... Read More »

How do I plant thyme?

How to StartBuy rooted thyme plants from a nursery or garden center, take stem cuttings from another thyme plant or start thyme seeds in flats, which germinate in two to three weeks.How to Plant Th... Read More »

How do you grow thyme?

Plant it! LOL no I found this in some websites,Plant Thyme in warm, light, loose, and well drained soil. Thyme should be planted in the spring, 14 days after the last average frost date.

Where does thyme grow?

thyme grows in ya muthas house