Is this wrong...?

Answer You know it is wrong, you did say you trust each other, do not betray that trust, you will regret it.

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We dial the wrong number at this one house / whenever someone calls here they get the wrong number?

Is this normal for a guy (Sorry if this is the wrong section) Can you help me?

Not all guys are like that...People just go through a stage where they raging hormones. I still don't feel they should express, sometimes its best to control it. Stay away from guys like that, they... Read More »

HELP need this answered! is this wrong?

what part of that occurance says "right" to you???? of course it is wrong. and whats more wrong is if noone did anything to help the kid right then. someone should have reported it. that kid came t... Read More »

Is this wrong of me?

"I'm having second thoughts."--then don't terminate your rights.many women have completed education (including me) and changed their mind about adoption. i was a freshman in college, didn't have mu... Read More »