Is this website a scam, I found a video on YouTube but not sure if it real or not

Answer There asking for details email etc no CC details I guess you have nothing to lose, but I wouldn't do it. If its on the public domain its just a glorified chain letter you have to introduce people, ... Read More »

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How can i import a video that i found on youtube or some other website onto my powerpoint presentation?

.'. Download and install Internet Download manager.very easy to download ,one click download.

I got this message on youtube about a website called i wanna now if this is scam or not?

Gotten the same message from 2 different accounts seems something fishy is going around youtube just ignore the message

When i download video from youtube downloader, it shows NO FLASH VIDEO FOUND plz help....?

well dear you can use this site to download youtube videos. no need to install any software. just copy the link of the youtube video you want to download and paste it in th... Read More »

I found a website that has a Nikon d200 body for sale for $599. Could this be real?

SCAM ARTISTS!See the link below. I would STAY AWAY from them...