Is this violating the facebook terms?

Answer did you by chance create more than one account? that's against the rules... and facebook can detect you doing it, and they will lock your accounts when they catch you

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Who actually reads all of Facebook's terms of service.. and....?

I did, because we work with Facebook advertisement. And you would be surprised to know that everything you put on now Facebook's property...oh yes it is, you should read it sometime..... Read More »

My brother died a tragic death, I put a pic on Facebook to try and come to terms with it Innapropriate?

What is the penalty for violating probation?

Probation is a preferred sentence by many criminal offenders for the obvious reason that they avoid incarceration--at least when sentenced. Potentially serious consequences accompany a violation of... Read More »

Are and violating Florida Law?

I would ask this again under "Politics & Government" then "Law & Ethics"