Is this unhealthy Am i really killing myself?

Answer obsessive exercise is not good - you need to talk to someone about WHY you exercise so much. What sort of feelings do you attach to the exercise. "if i dont exercise I am not in control of things""... Read More »

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How unhealthy is this?

Yes very unhealthy and a terrible way to lose weight because you would never be able to keep that up.So you would gain all the weight back as soon as you started to eat even just a little bit more.... Read More »

Is this an unhealthy way to eat?

Teenage girls/women should aim to have about 2000 calories a day. This list comes to less than that. So you don't need to worry about putting on weight. If you do exercise then you should loose wei... Read More »

Its ry unhealthy and what should i do?

Eat lots of fiber and try all-natural solution Benefiber which is fairly cheap and helps a lot. I have similar symptoms too. Cutting out red meat is great, but eliminate processed foods and add mor... Read More »

Is this unhealthy to do?

You'll want to keep doing cardio-the only way to have your abs show is to have a lower body fat %. And the way to achieve that is through cardio. But you're right that you'll just keep losing weigh... Read More »