Is this type of makeup okay to wear to school?

Answer Well first ur only like what? 13? 14? So I'm sure ur gorgeous and don't need any make up. Lol. From what I've seen more make up designs and stuff is more dine in high school because you kno your ol... Read More »

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Is this makeup okay to wear to grade 9?

That sounds fine, actually. A lot less makeup than most ninth graders wear. Just wear whatever you want, and don't worry about what other people say! Even if you are putting twenty million pounds o... Read More »

Would you wear this makeup to school?

I wouldn't. But this isn't a very intense look, and wearing it would be an expression of feelings and art, which should never be discouraged. Unless they're wearing this to appeal to men, because i... Read More »

Is this a reasonable amount of makeup for a 14 year old to wear to school?

lol. you're more dedicated than I am. I'm 16, and wear light eyeliner, black mascara, and concealer. Natural, but it makes my eyes look bigger. Too much makeup looks cake faced and slutty, but it i... Read More »

Is it okay for guys to wear makeup?

Yes, there are cosmetics for men if you go to those expensive department store. Personally, I wouldn't wear it though.Plus, a lot of celebrities wear makeups, Dennis Rodman, Prince, Boy George, an... Read More »