Is this type of makeup okay to wear to school?

Answer Well first ur only like what? 13? 14? So I'm sure ur gorgeous and don't need any make up. Lol. From what I've seen more make up designs and stuff is more dine in high school because you kno your ol... Read More »

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What type of makeup should i wear?

omg your like my friend! shes really pale with brown eyes and dark hair! lol.okay so basically it would be easier if i put in links to videos showing you how to do makeup, its helps! but before han... Read More »

What type of makeup does Kim Kardashian wear?

She uses MAC comsmetics, she did a interveiw her favortie MAC shadows areNehru and PrintShe uses MACs bronzers in Medium dark

What Type of Makeup Should Contact Lens Users Wear?

There was a time when wearing eye makeup, especially mascara, was impossible if you wore contact lenses. Between messy smudges and eye irritation, it just was not worth it. But today's makeup provi... Read More »

How to Wear the Right Makeup for School?

Do you wanna have the best makeup for school, elementary school girls? Read this quick, easy article for more info.