Is this two laptops good?

Answer Toshibas are okay however I recommend getting a hp or compaq computer they have outlasted any other brand name of computer that I have ever owned I started out with Dell when that died I went to to... Read More »

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Are acer laptops good?

When I bought my first laptop, I wasnt sure what to buy. Then I asked one of my geek mate, who works for a very popular IT company. He travels a lot and drop his laptop a lot as well. He had been u... Read More »

Are Acer laptops any good?

all laptops I had were acers, I didn't really have any problems with them except for my hard drive but that can happen on any laptop. I love acers, they run smoothly and since you're going into uni... Read More »

Are HP laptops good quality?

On One Hand: Strong ReputationHewlett Packard is a company that has existed since the 1930s. Companies that produce sub-par products do not last this long. In 2009, HP ranked as the ninth on the Fo... Read More »

Are laptops a good gift for a friend?

I would have to say NO. It a good thought, but a little too expensive. But Hey, if you got one for Christmas as a gift from a friend...........that's GREAT! You have a very, very, very good friend.