Is this true about the internet?

Answer *puts on tin foil hat*Okay.. now that I'm dressed for the part.... The answer isn't really a simple yes or no.. it's not that everything you do can be tracked or logged but it's not like you can b... Read More »

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Do you have any knowledge if this article about Internet Explorer is true?…From what I can tell, it's true.I haven't used IE in many years due to other issues. Try using Chrome. Many say it's faster and works better.

About this worm Is this true?

Yup. It's actually a worm, not a virus, and it will only affect computers that are already infected.If you can get updates for Windows and your AV, etc, it's pretty certain you don't have it.Sounds... Read More »

Is this true about youtube?

I don't think there is a lot of porn out there, but there is some wierd stuff out on youtube. I would not let a child browse youtube unsupervised.

Is this true about Switzerland?

Is this a Roman Polansky related question? Supposedly, he has a lot of sympathy in France and Switzerland. Which blows bc he DRUGGED the 13 yo girl in addition to committing statuatory rape. If h... Read More »